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Telling Online Learning Benefits the Environment 2013

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 | 2:28 AM

Telling Online Learning Benefits the Environment 2013Telling Online Learning Benefits the Environment 2013 - Online students have the flexibility to log in
and complete their coursework at any time from virtually any place. They customize their schedules and pace themselves to accommodate work, family, lifestyle and other considerations. 

What's more, students save time and energy by taking courses online. Typically, they also realize cost savings associated with commuting, such as bus fare or gasoline, parking, and vehicle wear and tear as well as time away from work, child care and various other expenses. (see HERE)

As Earth Day approaches on April 22, here's something
else they can feel good about: Online learning benefits the environment. Consider the energy consumption associated with on-campus classes, meetings and study groups. Environmental impacts range from electricity to lighting, heating and cooling campus facilities to the use of consumables, such as traditional textbooks and other paper products.

A study by the United Kingdom's Design Innovation Group found that producing and providing online educational courses consumes up to 90 percent less energy and produces 85 percent less in the way of CO2 emissions per student than comparable on-campus courses. Of 79,000 plus students who attend Ashford University, approximately 99 percent are enrolled in online classes. The world is their classroom and they're making the world a greener place.

Moreover, Ashford University's academic offerings, specifically in environmental studies, prepare students for increasingly popular green-collar careers in private, non-profit and government sectors. (see HERE)

"Online higher education is innovative and forward-thinking," Dr. Adam Selhorst , who chairs the environmental studies department at Ashford University, said. "It conserves resources and reduces education's carbon footprint on our environment."
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