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Student loans may make recent grads hesitant 2013

Written By Julianna Benson on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 | 2:40 AM

Student loans may make recent grads hesitant 2013Student loans may make recent grads hesitant 2013 - Student loan debt is a troubling and not-so-

A recent Princeton study conducted by Fenaba R. Addo suggests that student loan debt could possibly leave some partners with cold feet — particularly men.

The study suggests women who have accumulated student loan debt are less likely to marry as opposed to men in the same financial predicament. Although this seems strange, there are some explanatory theories, as well as controversy from both sides of the argument.

“One interpretation of this study might suggest that women with more debt are more likely to be
pursuing professional degrees and careers, which might simply mean they are putting off marriage until a little later than average so that they can build a career first and then a family on their terms,” Seth Abrutyn, a sociology professor at the University of Memphis, said.

The United States has a federal student loan debt that resides somewhere between $902 billion and $1 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. (see HERE)

“In times of economic recessions and uncertainty, both women and men tend to put off marriage and children until they feel financially secure,” Abrutyn said. “This answer doesn’t really explain the differential in rates between men and women, but it could explain why the data is saying one thing, when in five years, it might be saying something else.”
Though it could be just a misinterpretation of statistics, the classic American culture could be an explanation of why some men might be wary of taking on a traditional potential housewife fully loaded with money to pay back.

“I could understand how some men might be hesitant to marry a girl with debt, for financial reasons,” Addison Piggott, a junior criminal justice major, said. “Though the economy could be a primary issue, it seems the statistics could be distorted by the fact more people are simply waiting until later in life to get married, so that they’re financially stable.”
Sophomore Haley Hanners, an English major who has accumulated student loan debt over the past few years, believes that debts shouldn’t play a part in marriage, stating that a mutual education is well worth the burdens.

“I’m not worried about loans being a factor in my love life. I don’t value wealth and I don’t mind spending the majority of the rest of my life paying off loans as long as I can have an education and do what I want to do, career wise,” Hanners said. “And whoever I choose to marry will value the fact that I have an education and career regardless of loans and vice versa.”
Though there is little evidence of these financial issues actually interfering with  “true love,” a debt can last as long as marriage, if not longer in today’s world, so it is definitely something to consider when finding a potential life partner. (see HERE)

“I think statistics are a way of making people believe things that aren’t solid,” Hanners said. “They’re generally circumstantial, so I don’t put a lot of faith in them.”
distant reality for many currently enrolled students. However, recent studies show that it might not be just an economic problem.
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