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Internship Hunt, Students choose Boston for Jobs

Written By Julianna Benson on Thursday, April 25, 2013 | 12:38 AM

Internship Hunt, Students choose Boston for JobsInternship Hunt, Students choose Boston for Jobs - Due to the various types and sheer number of
internship opportunities in Boston, students come to the city to get a taste of their desired careers.

“There’s a great number of schools in the Boston area [and] there are many fine employers looking for the best talent,” saidJames French, assistant dean for career services at the Boston University School of Management. “We have an excellent relationship with the companies in the area, but also across the country and across the world, and employers know the quality of our students and are very much attracted to them.”

French said in the BU Feld Career Center, he helps connect students with business internships in the city. (see HERE)

“In the past 12 months, 230 employers have visited us to meet our students,” he said. “They’ve posted over 1,600 jobs and some of those are internships and others become permanent jobs.”

Cesare Grieci, manager of staffing and employee relations at American Students Assistance, said ASA started seeking younger interns who could provide more insight on how students are dealing with educational loans and debt.

“In the beginning we started hiring the upperclassmen who were toward the end of their college years,” he said. “But we found that we weren’t giving ourselves enough exposure to the people entering into school.”

French said students who get the best internships have high academic standing but also know how to interact in social situations.

“Being very prepared for interviews, knowing how to interact with a potential employer, knowing how to behave and how to be productive all show that you can add value [to the company,]” he said.

Some students said they came to BU specifically for its internship programs and opportunities.

Morgan Perry, a College of Communication junior, said she transferred to BU because there were several internships in the city for her major. (see HERE)

“I was attending school at the University of Pittsburgh and realized that there were not as many opportunities for internships in my field there,” she said. “Not to mention that [BU has] one of the best communication schools in the country.”

Perry said she completed two internships and plans to intern for Digita in Boston this summer.

“My internship at Digita was really competitive to get, but my two other internships were less competitive because they are smaller companies,” she said. “Getting an internship in Boston has been relatively easy, [so] long as you are persistent and not too picky.”

Chloe Conceicao, a College of Fine Arts sophomore, said her previous internship at Mazda helped her gain valuable experience in the workforce.

“It makes you take responsibility because you have to be there on time every day,” she said, “and you don’t leave until you get your work done.”

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