How to Find Fast Loans For Students

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How to Find Fast Loans For Students
How to Find Fast Loans For Students - How to get an 'Education loan' The cost of education is getting higher day and day. To solve this problem, banks provide 'Education Loans' to all deserving students so that further studies become a good learning experience. Getting an education loan granted can be quite easy and one can apply online also for it.
To take an education loan from a bank, a student should take the following steps:

- Step 1: Take the student loan application form from the bank and fill it correctly. 

- Step 2: Have a personal discussion with the bank authorities. 

- Step 3: Provide correct supporting documents to the bank with your signatures on them. 

- Step 4: Get a guarantor.

- Step 5: Student signature on Promissory Note. 

- Step 6: Sanctioning of the loan or disbursal of the loan to the student.

All the above six steps have to be followed by the applicant. Now let us discuss each step:

Step 1: Loan Application form from the bank

Just as for all the other kinds of loans, for an education loan also the banks provide an application form to the applicant which has to be filled correctly. The bank will ask for personal details and all information related to the course for which one is applying. Make sure the information is accurate and can be easily verified. This information will help the bank to process your application faster.

Step 2: Personal Discussion with the bank authorities.

Once the applicant has filled the form, the next step is the discussion with the bank authorities. In this stage, the applicant is asked about his/her academic and extra-curricular performance. At this stage, it is very important to be lucid and clear about one's selection of the course and its potential of generating income in the future.

Step 3: Provide correct supporting documents to the bank with your signatures on them

In case of education loans, the documents related to admissions are mandatory even before the bank considers the loan application. The bank will verify on every step of the enrollment of the student in the concerned institute in which he/she is studying. One may also require collateral
security such as papers related to any property to be mortgaged if the loan amount is above 4 lakhs (INR).

Step 4: Get a guarantor.

For an education loan, a guarantor is mandatory.To get a loan approved there should be a person who takes the responsibility for the repayment of the loan in case of any mishap. The guarantor could be the applicant's parents or guardians. The bank will run a thorough check on the guarantor's credit history before sanctioning the loan. After the completion of the process, the loan may be sanctioned or denied.

Step 5: Student signature on Promissory Note

While the parents/guardians are guarantors, the student is the actual borrower of the loan. Once the loan is
sanctioned, the student has to sign a promissory note to the bank.

Step 6: Sanction of the loan or disbursal of the loan to the student

Once the paper work formalities have been completed, the bank will surely disburse the loan into your account or deposit the fee directly into the account of the concerned college/institute.
All the above 6 steps will surely help you to understand the process of education loan. Once the loan has been approved you may contact the Admission Times for the further process.
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